1st round Nationals- Derby

Now that i’ve come down from cloud 9 I can write this! 

Dad and me drove to Derby on Saturday morning. We rocked up and set camp up. When the time came i went for a few practice laps the course was technical  and flowing.

Had a good nights sleep on Saturday night, and went for another practice run on Sunday as it had rained. The course was a different ride from the previous day, it was very slippery, i was happy! 

It came to warm up time. Had a good one, but felt really nervous. There was a big field of riders i was up against. I got grided on the front row. The whistle went, one rider broke off the front and there were about 6 of us chasing. I felt good. The rider off the front got realed back in and three of us broke away, i felt i was stronger on the off camber bits and used this to my advantage. The bell for last lap went, it was a bit stop start- nobody wanted to be at the front! I used the off camber bit to my advantage and this is where i made the break away. 1st U14 across the line.  Dreams do come true.

There is a huge thank you list, edco wheels, storck bikes, summit cycles, Big G, Jeff, Chris, Katie and Stu and  all my family- all for beleiving in me and to make this happen! 

 Diolch yn fawr. 

The next round is in Abergavenny at the end of the month for me to be wearing the green leaders jersey in Wales is going to be a very proud moment. #cadwigredu


Author: griffylew

Just a teenager who loves to ride my bike. Preferably in the mud.

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